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: Best Reason for Vagina Becomes Wet Easily
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Additionally, the same fluid is produced by these glands when having sex. But, noticing vaginal fluid doesnít always mean a woman is turned on. Nevertheless, any lubrication that causes wetness in the vagina means your glands are healthy. When a man notices wetness around the vagina, he can assume that his partner is sexually aroused. But, is this true?

Vagina Wetness in Situations that are Not Sexual

When your pant area becomes wet yet the situation is not sexual, the fluid imbalance ( the wetness is generally watery-like. Itís not the same as the fluids that result from sexual arousal. Your genitals can feel warm and the pant can feel moist, soaked or damp. Depending on the date in your cycle, you can also experience stomach cramps or feel like you are bloated.

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